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Spreader Bar Basic Calculator

Spreader Bar Basic is a calculator that calculates forces on spreader bar pipe, slings, and shackles for a wide range of lifting configuration. Loads are calculated and assessed based on ASME BTH-1 calculations. Three options of shackle types are available to choose from, as well as three options of sling types, 1-Part Mechanical Spliced IWRC (EIPS, 6X19), STRAND Mech. Splice Grommet IWRC (EIPS, 6X19), and Polyester Endless Round slings. Top sling configurations include vertical and basket. Unit selection (US Customary, British Imperial, & Metric). AISC Pipe and HSS round shapes, in US Customary, British Imperial, and Metric units. Integrated worksheet calculation tab providing details of spreader bar calculations Spreader Bar Chart Calculator. Report generation for graphical reporting of results. Spreader Bar Deflection Calculation & More.

Spreader Bar Plus Calculator

Spreader Bar Plus calculates loads on spreader bars when lifting with offset CGs. The loadings are calculated for pipe, slings, and shackles, while calculating and reporting ASME BTH-1 results. Three shackle type are available to choose from, as well as three options of sling types, 1-Part Mechanical Spliced IWRC (EIPS, 6X19), STRAND Mech. Splice Grommet IWRC (EIPS, 6X19), and Polyester Endless Round slings. with configurations of vertical and vertical basket. Additionally the program calculates the required difference in sling length needed to balance load and level lifts

ASME P30.1 Lift Planner

SMART Rigger Software's Lift Planner was developed to meets the ASME P30.1 requirements. ASME code for Planning for Load Handling Activities. Lift Planner consists of a Lift Data sheet, & Pre-Lift Safety Check List.

Lift Data Sheet (LDS) summarizes the essential details of a lifting operation in a standardized, easy to read form. It Includes:

A brief description of the operation to be performed; Load characteristics including weight and center of Gravity; Details of the crane or other Load Handling Equipment (LHE) to be used including specific configuration; A summation of the total load to the LHE; LHE rated capacities during the relevant phases of the operation; A comparison of total load to the LHE verses LHE capacity throughout the operation (as a percentage); A comparison of the total load supported by the LHE’s reeved load line versus the rated capacity of the reeved load line (as a percentage); Notes outlining key operational requirements on which the validity of the data sheet is based; A list of relevant attachment included (LHE Charts extracts, layout, and rigging sketch); Any required review and approval signatures and applicable statutory requirements such as a Professional Engineer’s Stamp

Spreader Bar Plus Introduction

Spreader Bar Plus Calculator

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"... I have been using various versions of a “rigging calculator” for over a decade, and the SMART Rigger Software Spreader Bar Calculator is without a doubt the most complete version I have used. This program definitely covers all areas of concern when evaluating and designing a BTH rigging arrangement. The areas of input are easily navigated after a brief period of self-training, and an extremely thorough summary page neatly organizes the outputs for distribution to clients, and/or internal recordkeeping purposes. In my opinion, this program is a “must-have” for any rigging department..." Stephen Hitchcock General Manager – Heavy Lift Rental Division

Spreader Bar Basic Calculator
  • Customization

    We Can Customize to Your Inventory of Lifting Equipment

  • Reports

    Generate Spreader Bar Loads Report

  • Limiting Factor

    Check Limiting Factors in your Spreader Bar Configuration

  • Slings

    D/d Sling to Shackle Ratios and Termination Efficiency reported  

  • Spreader Bar Rigging Capacity Verification

    Two crane lifting 1000+ Tons Spreader Bar Verification for Main and Tailing Crane Rigging

  • Three Bar Tree

    Spreader Bar Lift verification of a three bar tree arrangement with symetric loading

  • Multi Point Spreader Bar Rigging

    Two Crane Lift of a Multi Point Pick with 4 Spreader Bar.