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SMART Rigger Software, LLC
Russ Florey, P.E. is the principal of SMART Rigger Software, LLC, delivering a completely customizable heavy lift engineering calculation software that enables rigging engineers in the heavy lift and heavy haul sector to easily design lifts, lift plans, and lifting components. SMART Rigger’s programs and software tools are based on ASME industry standards for designs for below-the-hook lifting devices, and aid and ensure design and engineer adhere to rigorous industry requirements. The software is guided by science-based engineering principles and governing requirements practiced within the industry. SMART Rigger software was culminated from advanced engineering expertise and an extensive track record of success providing technically feasible solutions that address complex engineering problems.

Russ has had a highly successful engineering career. He was a Product Development Engineer for Gunnebo Johnson from 2014 to 2015, and in this role, he designed heavy lift products, including shackling devices and rolling blocks, for oil/gas industries and crane manufacturers and oversaw product analysis, development, and testing. He was a Mechanical Engineer with Alltec Lifting Systems from 2010 to 2014 [initially in a contract role], where he was involved in development of their Modular Beam lifting system and designed a lifting beam program that was used to verify load capacities that supported different rigging arrangements. He was also involved in development of endcap designs, capacities analysis and reports, load charts for spreader bars, and frame load charts. During his tenure, he produced PE stamped lift plans and provided a wide range of engineering support.

Russ founded Florey PE LLC and leveraged his advanced engineering expertise to service diverse companies across the US, including Safe Lift Solutions (SLS), Roll Lift, and Taylor Crane & Rigging. He engaged in a all aspects of design analysis, testing support, and development of PE stamped lift plans. Although he was hired to work directly for Gunnebo Johnson in 2014 and served as a Product Development Engineer, Russ also remained active as a Professional Engineer, developing and stamping of lift plans and performing analysis on lifting equipment.

His broad professional background also includes experience as a Mechanical Engineer at Canrig Drilling Technology LTD, an Engineer III with Hughes Christensen, Thermal Analyst/Senior Engineer with Jacobs Sverdrup/GB Tech [Contract], and Mechanical Design Engineer with Vertex RSI.

Russ holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Tyler and licensure including, Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Alaska (Mechanical Discipline); Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Oklahoma (Mechanical & Structural Discipline); Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas (Mechanical Discipline); Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Louisiana (Mechanical Discipline); Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Washington (Mechanical Discipline); and Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Oregon (Mechanical Discipline).

SMART Rigger Software, LLC leverages innovative technology, exceptional products, and Russ’ expertise in professional engineering in the heavy lift industry to develop dynamic lifting products, perform comprehensive analysis on lifting equipment, oversee all aspects of testing, and provide scientifically grounded professional engineering services. Russ draws on a prolific engineering background to develop programs that are effective in facilitating analysis and evaluating loads in lifting structures, while utilizing Windows-based applications as aids/tools that ensure the success of others in the heavy lift industry. SMART Rigger Software, LLC is the culmination of these efforts and provides standalone calculators that aid and assist in the accurate evaluation of lifting products. Professional engineering services are provided under Russ Florey, P.E.