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Spreader Bar Plus Calculator 30-Day Trial

Spreader Bar Plus Calculator 30-Day Trial

Spreader Bar Plus Calculator 30-Day Trial


Spreader Bar Plus calculates loads on spreader bars when lifting with offset CGs. The loadings are calculated for pipe, slings, and shackles, while calculating and reporting ASME BTH-1 results. Three shackle type are available to choose from, as well as three options of sling types, 1-Part Mechanical Spliced IWRC (EIPS, 6X19), STRAND Mech. Splice Grommet IWRC (EIPS, 6X19), and Polyester Endless Round slings. With configurations of vertical and vertical basket. Additionally the program calculates the required difference in sling length needed to balance load and level lifts.


Spreader Bar Types

250+ selections of Square and Rectangular Tubing

120+ selections of Pipe and Round Tubing sizes

ASME Calculation of capacity check for Spreader Bar, Deflection of Bar due to Self-Weight

2 Endcap styles to choose from


Sling Calculations 

Slings ( eye & eye, Grommet, Polyester Round)

Basket and Vertical configuration

D/d calculation and capacity check and capacity reduction for slings

Capacity check and reduction of capacity for Polyester Slings due to limited bearing area in shackle


Shackle Selection

Shackle selection (Bolt, Screw Pin, Wide Body) for Top, Bottom and Lower shackle selections


Spreader Bar system Calculations

ASME Design Calculations

Offset CG calculation, Spreader Bar Rotation due to Offset and Rigging configuration

System weight, Rigging Weight.


Report Generation

Graphical Representation of spreader bar system

 One Click text copy ready to past into AutoCad & More!


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